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Schluneggers Heimweh / Exclusive CD for Special Christmas Gift

Schlunegger Heimweh is one of the many extraordinary lifetime projects of Georg Schlunegger and his colleagues, artists from HitMill music production company, Roman Cemenzind and Fred Hermmann. This music project conquers the Swiss music world from the stand.

The essential thing for these artists is creating unique music, music which could play all the ambiguity of life.
That is why they have been experimenting with every sound effect they hear, with various genres they could play, with every text they could write. Their idea is presenting life as it truly is, a life filled with many seemingly opposite sides. According to that idea, they introduce Schluneggers Heimweh as a group of warm and powerful voices, which tends to express through deep lyrics this character of life.

Eleven Impressive voices IN one CD / The Feeling of Home

Georg Schlunegger had been looking all over Switzerland to find perfect voices and unite them in a form of choir. He found deep basses and high tenors from seven cantons to sing more thoughtful kind of folk music. Now, these voices sing very common and strong emotion: the feeling of home (“Heimweh”).
Like every honest artist, Georg has the need to show to people some strong, ambiguous emotion but in his unique nostalgic way. He deliberates love, hope, commitment, sadness, and fear, trying to relief himself and everybody who listen to this music of pessimistic view of life. He does feel nostalgic, emphatic but basically, he wants to affirm your joy of listening to this music, this choir.

“Rosmarie” love ballad / Surprise Hit of This and Every Next Year

This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. Every singer has an attractive vocal tone and puts real feeling into the lyric. The lyric is about a couple who go through the life for decades. In the end, the man has to say goodbye to his dying wife. But above all, they had the full beautiful life together. The song is distinctive and original, and I think it has a high potential to many pleases.

For the debut CD “Heimweh”, HitMill has already received the Golden Record for more than 10,000 units sold.

Listen to this Exclusive CD! Particularly, If you want to share great holiday home atmosphere and nice affirmative wishes to every next period.

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