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HitMill / Between Mainstream and Curiosity

HitMill is a leading Swiss music production company. Georg Schlunegger, Roman Camenzind, and Fred Hermmann are proud owners of it.

In this era of conformism, some people still have the energy to create between mainstream and curiosity.

Mainstream in music doesn’t always mean less quality. But it surely means more chance to create music that lasts only one short period. Today we have mass production very listenable repeated rhythms which always give people immediate pleasure and thereby just one moment of relaxing. A lot of individuals are satisfied with only that. But what about people who need more than that? What about artists and listeners who don’t bother following a trend of easy going? And what’s the thing which generates these spirits always trying to show more commitment to work and therefore to the unique quality of music?

The dream job challenge

HitMill is a rare example of music production company which tends to be successful on abovementioned unique quality.

Some of the good spirits of this company are Georg Schlunegger, Roman Camenzind and Fred Hermann. They are founders, but above all, they are very close colleagues with the same purpose/ to create between mainstream and curiosity. They are always much intrigued about creating music in various genres and that promise an idea of the unique quality of music. The complexity of sound and what variety of sound do to mass is something that intrigued them. But importantly, they are creatives for the masses.

HitMill has no fixed methods to make music. Their view is always experimental, and every new project is something challenging for these people. They love to think about the job in that way. And another thing which sets them apart from all others in the music industry is their reliable character. Dozens of platinum and golden records are proof of their seriousness in work.

Great artists for Inspired ones

HitMillrepresents good musicians, good producers, good songwriters and great spirits of potential new and better mainstream. These artists support every inspired and talented character and also provide him good developing music strategies and concepts to advertise their mutually work all around the world.
If you are jazz, pop, rock or reggae musician or singer, and you have some unique potential, HitMill will surely give you a chance to realize and manifest it.

After all, we can’t ignore what a large number of people want from music. We can’t ignore their not a great need for good music. But some people like Georg, Roman, and Fred could show to these people better quality, which could be achieved through the prism of creativity and commitment.

I suggest you listen to their latest music project, CD album Schluneggers Heimweh. You’ ll surely enjoy!


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