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A Swiss Guide To International Picnic Day And Picnic Tools

You could have heard the quote “life is not a picnic” quite often, but there are definitely some days when it is! And it is necessary from time to time because we need the rest of our jobs and other everyday life activities. In case you don’t do it quite often, at least consider going once a year. And that one day is coming very soon. The International Picnic Day is celebrated on June 18th, the time when you should commune with nature and enjoy a beautiful summer day. So, pack your picnic bag, hop into the car, or walk to a park or a picnic area and enjoy an outdoor meal by yourself or with your family and friends to celebrate this holiday.

Switzerland is known as a nation of hikers. Hence, we often go to picnics and spend time in nature, making the grill and other food. Therefore, we’ve decided to present you with a guide about how we prepare the picnic food, and with which tools. You might need some advice for the upcoming International Picnic Day!

6 picnic food ideas which are easy to prepare

Food is the most crucial part of the whole preparing process. We are going to show you a few picnic food ideas which are easy to prepare, and which will also fit your backpack. We tried to consider every possible combination, even if you like only meat or no meat at all. Hence, let’s see what we have here!

Pre-cooked meat

This is the easiest possible way. This meat is already cooked, and you only have to char it over the fire. In Switzerland, we prefer sausages. There are many different ways of carving before cooking. Almost every Swiss region has its method. You should try “flower” or “criss-cross”.

Uncooked meat

Uncooked meat will take a longer time to cook, but the taste is better! The curled, uncooked sausages are the most delicious. You need to keep them cold before cooking, and it is also preferable to prepare them on the grill.

Marinated meat

It is easy to carry it around, and you can buy it in almost every market or grocery. However, sometimes it might be too salty, so be careful when you buy the meat.



Cheese is an excellent alternative to meat, but you can also eat them both. Just put it over the fire, and wait for it to melt. It is delicious, salty and it also could be a great combination with bread, meat, and veggies.


Snake bread, in Switzerland also known as “steckenbrot” is a classic Swiss way of picnic bread. Bring any store-bought or homemade bread, and slowly cook it over the fire. You can twist it around the roasting stick or wrap it around the sausage.


It is essential to have vegetables so you can balance out the food. The easiest vegetables for preparing are cherry tomatoes. They don’t need a marinade, and they cook quickly. However, you can also cut up mushrooms or peppers, drizzle them with oil and marinate them in a small bag. Then roast them over the fire when you are ready to grill.


7 Swiss picnic tools you should have in your backpack

Now, when we’ve shown you what we prefer to eat and how we prepare it, it is time to present to you the tools we use for picnics. Also, it is essential that your tools are easy to pack, and not hard to carry. Therefore, we’ve compiled the list of outstanding Swiss Advance products – the grilling equipment which you should use during the International Picnic Day.

Swiss Army blanket

The first thing we need to take care of before cooking the food is the place where we’re going to settle down. Therefore, it is essential to bring a high-quality blanket, especially if you go to the picnic with your kids. Swiss Army blanket is specially designed to warm you when it’s cold, but it also doesn’t overheat you when it’s hot. It is a so-called “smart blanket,” and most importantly, it is indestructible.

Bamboo Bento Box

This box is designed to keep your food safe and in a natural state. It is antibacterial which makes it perfect to carry on the picnic. It represents the beautiful, smooth, and healthy way of eating. Also, it is made of the hardest wood which makes it durable for many years to come. This box is not only suitable for a picnic, but it is also a lifetime investment for hiking or camping trips and many other occasions.


Swiss BBQ Set

This set contains four quality tools, which will be your most loyal assistants during the picnics. Salt and pepper shaker are perfectly designed to keep your spices in perfect freshness. Furthermore, there is an antibacterial cutting board which is also made from the bamboo tree. It is also water and dirt-repellent. Swiss Advance pocket knife is made of German steel, it is thin and light, but it also cuts the rope-like butter. And last, but not least, two forks are specially made to deal with meat or vegetables. 4 in 1!

BBQ Tongs Saiga and Thyla

Saiga and Thyla are essential, indestructible barbecue tools, perfect for preparing and eating your picnic food. Same as a few other products, these are also made of stainless steel. You can pack them together; hence they will save space in the backpack. Many users have already recognized these tools as one of the best for the whole grilling season.


Swiss Cutlery Set

One more set which is perfect for camping trips and picnics! These stainless steel knife and fork are made to be a lifetime investment. The retractable knife blade will prevent unwanted cuts, so it is safe to carry them in the backpack. It is especially suitable if you decide to travel with your children. Furthermore, the plastic parts are eco-friendly, and the whole set is entirely dishwasher safe!

Doro Grill Fork

You have only one thing to do when you attach this fork to a branch – to enjoy the cooking! This fork will stay in the place without any problems. Also, you can rotate it however you want, and it will remain stable, and food will be cooked evenly. Keep in mind only one thing – if the stick is thicker, the more the middle of the fork must be bent!


White Coconut and Natural Coconut Bowl

These bowls are unique handmade products designed to keep the food cold. They are highly durable which makes them convenient for traveling and picnics. Also, each bowl has its individual size, shape, and pattern. Hence, no one in the world will have the same one as you!

You are ready to go!

Now, when you have all the information about the Swiss Advance picnic tools, it’s the time to tell you the last, but the most important thing! Every Swiss Advance product will be at a 20% discount until the 20th of July! Therefore, grab this opportunity and get the top quality barbecue tools for International Picnic Day.

Have a good time!

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