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Army Blanket Premium BBQ Tool Set


Summer is the time when you’re finally about to fulfill but also multiply your plans for a long-awaited vacation. With this Army Blanket Premium BBQ Tool Set, you will be especially inspired to create more plans for the holidays in nature. This set represents everything you need to have full enjoyment there.

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Army Blanket Premium BBQ Tool Set For full Picnic Pleasure

A picnic is all those precious moments in nature with your friends or family. The time when a meal is eaten outdoors, typically set within a beautifully landscaped surrounding such as a park, lakeside, or even at the beach. To bring more precious moments this summer, we have prepared Army Blanket Premium BBQ Tool Set. The set which contains all that you can imagine you need for the funniest picnic! This is not a standard outdoor grilling equipment; this one is with the legendary Army Blanket, multi-tool design, and many surprises!

Premium Outdoor Grilling Equipment: Pepper and Salt / Knife and Fork

Special Pepper and Salt Shaker is specially designed with a patented closing mechanism that makes it ideal for traveling. Thus, there’s no way that it could be opened up in your bag to make a mess. Secondly, and more surprisingly, when Pepper and Salt Shaker is closed, the caps create an airtight and watertight seal to keep your spices clean, dry, and clump-free whatever the weather. But the product offers even more! It is so stylish that it could be a beautiful item on your kitchen shelf.

And for the, even more, enjoyment in nature we also offer stainless steel Swiss Knife and Fork. These retractable cutlery pieces are extremely light and convenient and manufactured to last a very long time! Look at this knife and fork design once, and you will find out why there are no similar products in the market.

Army Blanket Premium BBQ Tool Set: Bbq Tongs and Grill Forks

This Premium set with a lot of surprises also contains special BBQ Tongs. The tongs which are indestructible because they are made from the German stainless steel. What is also special is that you can easily plug them together and use them both for grilling and eating. But If you need even more unique grilling tools, we offer and those ones in this Army Blanket Premium BBQ Tool Set. With the Doro grill forks, you don’t have to worry about losing your food in the campfire. The Doro has two skewers for your food. You can rotate it without problems, it will remain stable, and your food will cook evenly.

Finally, there are two more things left to add for a great vacation in nature. A bowl in which you will serve or storage your favorite food and the quality blanket without you can’t rest well on the grass.

Bamboo Bento Box and Swiss Army Blanket

Bamboo Bento Box is made of 100% natural materials. Hence it is naturally antibacterial and perfect to keep your food fresh and safe! Bamboo Bento Box represents a beautiful, comfortable and healthy way of eating.

But what to say more about the legendary Swiss Army Blanket! Swiss Army Blanket is a legendary because it’s indestructible, specially designed to warm you when it’s cold and does not overheat you when it’s hot. This is a smart blanket, already recognized as one of the best in the market.

With all these unique products that we have chosen for this particular set and your good mood, everything is ready for a great holiday in nature. Enjoy the vacation and this special outdoor grilling equipment!

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