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10 Astounding Swiss Essentials For Your Summer Break

July is just about to come! It is often the hottest month during the year which makes it perfect for holidays and vacations. We’re aware that you all have different wishes and passions, but we also know that there are many of you who plan to come to Switzerland this summer. We will also talk about the places which you should visit, but first, let’s see which Swiss essentials you need for your hiking, summer skiing or picnic Swiss trips.

Backpack Trekking SOS

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this beauty? Yes, you can pack everything you want and need here which makes it perfect for any type of excursion or hike. But there are many more advantages. It will guarantee the maximum comfort since there are reinforced shoulder straps and a padded back. Also, there is an SOS whistle in case of the emergency which is a pretty big deal. Furthermore, it is water-repellent and in case of really awful weather, there is an integrated rain protection. And you know what? With this backpack, you’ll be prepared for new adventures! If you’ve never tried summer skiing or rafting along the river Aare, now is a perfect time. Pack everything you need and go!

p 11534 TREKKING BACKPACK Ergon SOS whistle RED

Swiss Military Thermos

Last detail you’re missing in preparing the journey? Something where you can keep your drink cold for a long, long time until you come to the destination. Indeed, this masterful thermos will keep your drink hot for 8, or cold for up to 20 hours. Furthermore, 0,5 l capacity and 21cm height make it easy to carry around. Also, it is suitable for any backpack, mostly for the one mentioned above. If you’ve planned to go to the Alps this summer or to visit some of the bigger cities in Switzerland like Zurich or Geneva, you need to be fresh throughout the whole journey. Therefore, you’re going to love this cute bottle, where your coffee, tea or juice will remain hot/cold.

p 12226 THERMOS blackSwiss Military Multitool with LED Lamp

Picnic, fishing, and hiking are the main Swiss summer activities. Experienced people already know that you need too many tools for these occasions. And if you want to try it the first time, believe us, don’t go unprepared. And yet, it is sometimes rough to carry too many things. However, there is a Swiss multitool, specially designed for these situations. Take a closer look, here you have absolutely everything you need! Pliers, knife, screwdriver, nail file, bottle opener and a saw. But, that’s not all. There is a strong, small LED lamp which is extremely important. And you know what is its biggest advantage? You can carry it in your pocket!

Swiss Military Multitool Chrome steel with lamp grey 510x600 1

Ramseier apple Spritzer

There are so many beautiful things to do in Switzerland this summer. You can take an e-bike tour around Lake Lucerne or hire pedalo on Lake Zurich. In both cases, you’ll need a fresh drink with yourself. The Ramseier apple spritzer is one of the best solutions for adventures in these hot, summer days. It’s tasty and refreshing, and most importantly, it brings the true nature enjoyment. It is mixed with pure sparkling water which makes it taste so adorable and different than other juices. It is also a great choice for traveling. Just put in the pocket of your backpack and go!


Daylong After Sun Cooling Gel

Open-air whey bath or Cycling wine day? Switzerland is full of versatile possibilities when it comes to summer. However, whatever adventure you choose, there is a high chance you’ll get sunburned. Therefore, you need top quality after sun skin gel, and there is no better than Daylong! This after sun cooling gel will be the best friend to your skin after the sun redness. Also, it will protect her in peeling prevention, against signs of premature wrinkles or skin aging. You can always be sure that your skin will be smooth and ready for new, sunny, summer day.


T-shirt for Women Heart Strass

There is no bigger love in the whole world than between mother and a child. Pure, unconditional love! And moms, this summer is the perfect time of the year to bring your kids on some of the coolest destinations in Switzerland. Basel, Geneva, Zurich and many other cities are offering too many opportunities you shouldn’t miss. Therefore, you should both dress well, you and your girl/boy. Let’s first take care of you, and then we will suggest some cute things for your sweetheart. This 2 heart strass shirt is perfect for your summer vacation. The motive and design are proper, and the comfort is guaranteed. And you’re going to need it for some longer trips. OK, now we got to think about the most important thing in the world – kids!

p 12403 T shirt for women 2 hearts strass blue

T-shirt for Kids – Peter and Heidi

Heidi and Peter – two Swiss children icons, which instantly makes these shirts perfect for kid’s first Swiss summer trip. Both shirts are cute, practical, and most importantly it will make your beloved ones cheerful and happy. Also, they will feel comfortable in it. It is carefully made to suit the smooth baby skin. When they grow up, they will for sure remember this t-shirt but also the place when you brought them up to, when they wore this beautiful Heidi/Peter shirt.

p 12321 T shirt for girls Heidi pink

Kids Baseball Cap

Another essential thing for your sweetheart is the cap. They will need the protection from the sun, whatever your destination is. Therefore, we’ve decided to suggest you the Kids Baseball cap! It is stylish, convenient and perfect for any kind of their activity. And, as we said, it will keep them safe from the sun. Furthermore, it is simple, easy to wear and it will perfectly fit their cute, little head. And one more thing which will interest you, dear parent. Whenever it is needed, you can just pop it in the washing machine and put it on their head again.


Swiss Military Professional Compass

Summer adventure in the Alps – one of the most interesting and coolest things you can do in the next few months. But, don’t go unprepared! There are many different tools you need for this kind of trip, but one of them is essential. Swiss Military Compass will be your best friend during these adventures. It has everything you need to find the way, except the map, of course. Camping, hiking or scouting will be a lot easier if you pack this wonderful thing into your backpack. The viewing window makes the reading very easy, and you’ll be able to cope with any map wherever you are.


Swiss Military Modern Sunglasses

The one detail you should carry everywhere, to the lake, picnic or sunbathing – the modern Swiss Military sunglasses! They provide 100% protection against UV rays and are also designed to meet all valid European standards in Switzerland. Furthermore, they are made to intensify color contrasts and sharpness of vision which ensures a maximum seeing comfort. And, there is one more detail which makes them a classy Swiss product. There is carefully designed nose rests for a better grip. Swiss brands think about everything!


Keep in mind that these are only our suggestions for your upcoming summer trips. However, there is plenty more other stuff you might need. Don’t forget to check them out!

Have a nice summer!

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