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Measures We Can Contribute to Save the Bees

“If the bees die, man dies” – so the saying goes. But what can you personally do to help save the bees? Here are eight simple actions you can take to be part of the solution:

Hang bee dumplings!

Bees need your help, especially in winter when flowers are not blooming. That’s why you should hang bee dumplings in your garden or by your window during the cold season so that the insects have something to nibble on.

Eat more or less honey!

We don’t really know ourselves. It could be good for the bees if you consume more honey because there would be more beekeepers, thus more bees. On the other hand, it is bad because honey production exploits and kills the bees. Anyway, one thing is certain – the current amount of honey you eat is wrong and got us to where we are now in the first place. Change that, you bee killer!

Grow a beard!

Offer yourself as a sanctuary for an endangered swarm of bees. Positive side effect – the so-called bee beard gives you a lot of respect from other people. After all, no one wants to start a fight with such an amiable animal protector. Hipsters can refine their appearance with bee glasses and a bee shoulder bag.

Just renounce gardening forever!

Here’s the best part – just don’t lift a finger in the garden anymore. After all, trimmed lawns, weedkillers, and cut-back bushes – all of these deprive bees of their habitat. So you can lie lazily in your hammock with absolutely no worries, and whenever someone criticizes your overgrown garden, you can say you’re doing it to save the bees. Great! Idealism can be that simple.


If you get stung by a bee, let it stick!

Because of barbs in the bee’s stinger, bees die if they are removed after being stung. So if you are stung by a bee, first tranquilize the animal and then make sure it stays in the wound for the rest of its (or your) life.

Feed only on withered, dried wildflowers!

The more people feed on wilted, dried-up wildflowers – the more farmers will be forced to turn their arable land into wildflower meadows for economic reasons, which they can only harvest in the fall. Ideal conditions for bees and other insects! To make this strategy compatible with suggestion #2, you can top off your daily wildflower meals by pouring a tiny or large amount of honey on top. Bon appetit!

Always keep your hornet on a leash!

Hornets often behave aggressively towards bees and can kill you with their stings. Therefore, always keep your hornet on a leash when you take it outside your front door. Even supposedly well-behaved hornets cannot fight their instincts when you encounter a bee.

Let’s save the bees!

Only those who have lived with them for a while really know what makes bees tick. So get an appropriate disguise and join a state or wild swarm. Learn the bee dance, collect nectar, become one with the bees. Serve the queen, drive away wasps… What did you want? Never mind. You are a bee now. Bzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz.

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