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4 world’s finest beauty tools in One Swiss Rubis manicure set


Rubis beauty tools are the result of a desire for making the best tool that works perfectly for your beauty.

The desire for the perfection is the reason why Rubis company makes the finest beauty tools worldwide. This company has an interesting story about when and why this passion has started. Namely, Rubis began manufacturing tweezers for the famous Patek Philippe, Cartier and Rolex watch industry. You know that Swiss watch industry means the extreme precision. Well, the absolute precision of a Swiss watch once depended on these Rubis tools. In other words, Rubis tweezers had an important role to serve for inserting rubies into watch movements.



Besides the extreme precision, all Rubis beauty tools have the beautiful and very functional design. All of these Swiss accessories are made by hand from the best steel. In addition to an exceptional and traditional ways of making, Rubis skilled and dedicated masters work with the latest techniques of producing.

Rubis company so proudly presents every tool they’ve made, and now we do not have enough words to say how much we are proud to offer these excellent Swiss accessories. Here are four tools with great precision in one Swiss Rubis Manicure Set.

High- quality Rubis beauty tools / “Best of the best” (Magazine Vogue)


That the Rubis beauty tools are the finest beauty tools it was confirmed by the famous magazine for the beauty, Vogue. “Best of the best” is the claim from the magazine Vogue. But also, famous makeup legend Bobbi Brown claims for Rubis tweezers that they are ‘the Ferrari of tweezers.’
So, this Swiss Rubis Manicure set has four proven tools. They are consistently reliable and easy to use for the perfect look of your nails or eyebrows. With these tweezers, eyebrow plucking won’t be torture anymore. Likewise, with this set arranging your nails will not be painful anymore and it will not last long as usual.


These unique Swiss accessories are here for you who are searching for both attractive and practical beauty tools with the high Swiss durability.

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