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13 Magic Herbs in One Swiss Ricola Drop

Ricola Drops, popular Swiss Made product is characterized to be one of the few natural candy products worldwide. 

Nowadays, we are much more skeptical than before about a meaning of “natural”. In a world of mass production, It’s hard to believe in that promise for customers. But, we could find rare products that correspond to the meaning of this word. One of them is this Swiss natural candy product. Swiss Ricola Drops contain 13 magic natural herbs and not a single artificial color or flavor.

Famous mixture of 13 Herbs / Facts to Believe in Swiss Ricola Drops Quality and their health benefits

Swiss Ricola Dropspresent a mix of 13 herbs originating from mountains of Switzerland. These, the finest ingredients are cultivated without any use of pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. And If you want to be convinced of this fact, you can visit six Ricola’s original plantations of these herbs. Or in such an easier way,you can also trust to the strictest Organic Bio Suisse Standards For Production. One more thing these standards ensure is that these plantations mustn’t be near to industrial sites or places which have contact with any harmful pollutants.

Sugar- free, Lactose-free, Gluten-free for Lovers of Top flavor

This mixture of herbs is not only for candy lovers, lovers of top flavors but importantly, for those with gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance.The interesting thing is that this Swiss natural candy was one of the first brands which launched sugarless herbal sweet. Ricola company created the first sugar free Swiss candy.

Thirty or more years ago Ricola advertised abovementioned health ingredients, and among of all, they talked about menthol which improves your dental hygiene, then provide relief of coughs, sore throats, etc.

This sugar free Swiss candy is for everyone who cares about all kinds of hygiene: health/ dental or mental. The strongest herb of Ricola is Thyme herb. This herb could help your brain activity, help you think wider and therefore to act braver. Also, it helps you get a good sleep. Placido Domingo, opera star, responds to all these positive sides of Swiss Made Drops. He says that Ricola is his secret addiction. Because It tastes great and It is a rare candy which is good for his clear voice and health.


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