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Trade in counterfeit Swiss goods

Swiss industry has a unique, worldwide reputation because it has always kept to the consumer’s trust. As the important highly developed industry, it has to maintain customer confidence despite the rapidly increase in counterfeiting Swiss goods. Replicating Swiss goods is nothing new. What is new is the impact of the Internet, because it is an open global distribution channel. That is why over the past five years, thousands of online shops which have been counterfeiting Swiss goods are closed. However, the actual cost of trade in counterfeit Swiss goods remains something difficult to evaluate. It drains Swiss brands of their substance, harms the environment and endangers the health and safety of consumers. Thereby, counterfeiting is a phenomenon that surely concerns us all. This is an enormous problem, and no one should be a side to its damaging effects.

“Swiss made” label for the counterfeiting of Swiss goods

The trade in counterfeit Swiss goods includes no attention to safety standards or the materials for use and even less to consumers health. All fake Swiss products are produced using poorer quality and very often harmful toxic materials. But, counterfeiters know how to lie us. Counterfeiters very well imitate the characteristics, materials or look of an original Swiss product to take preference of the reputation of the original, which is a form of a label “Swiss made”. Increasingly, counterfeiters are manufacturing less expensive replicas which are difficult to distinguish fromthe original without looking inside. Regarding that, we must be smart and say: be sure to compare prices of Swiss good via the sites, do some research. And importantly, search for manufacturers warranty. Or to shorten the whole process, just buy with us the original,safe Swiss goods.

High protection of the “Swiss made” label / Watchmakers and sellers

The new ‘Swissness’ law helps protect consumers from all these abuses. This law protects all Swiss goods and services which are a link to exclusivity, tradition, high-quality and a good reputation with confidence. This “Swissness“ legislation came into force on 1 January 2017. Here are just some of the changes that come with this change of law. Natural products must be to a large extent Swiss in origin. There are also strict standards for commodities such as coffee, cotton, and also very important, for watchmakers and their sellers. The internet has the significant impact on the distribution of fake watches. Fake watches account for 9% of customs confiscation. But, we have closure of many online stores which trade in counterfeit this Swiss good.

The cost to the buyer of these false Swiss watches or other counterfeit goods is very high. Thus, it is best to play it safe and buy there where you are sure that there are no deceptions and fakes. There where it is clear that the strict Swiss laws are implemented. Swiss Made Direct gives you this security and also some reliefs for easy purchase.

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