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Traditionally, wood has been known for its classic and timeless material choice when it comes to interior and accessories. Wood gives much more flexibility and versatility that other materials cannot simply offer. Besides this, there’s something magical about the wood accessories. The color and the warmth truly make our eyes and soul happy while working with them. This is why  WohnGeist considers wood the primary material to work with.

Wood and luxury by WohnGeist is a Swiss brand and part of “Swiss Label.” They have been designing & manufacturing precise accessories using high-quality wood since 1992. Therefore, they have vast experience in shaping tough and rigid wood into a functional, distinct, and eye-catching useful tool. And being part of “Swiss Label,” the brand is obligated to provide the most high-quality products to the end-users.

The creation of WohnGeist evokes a feeling of lightness, clean design, and expert execution. The brand promotes a clean, light design with an artistic touch that spreads positivity and preciseness. The accessories are easy to use and come with many benefits as follows:

Top benefits of Wood made products

  • The accessories or furniture are much more durable than any other material.
  • Furniture made by professionals is well-crafted and very eye-catchy.
  • Trends pass by fast, but wooden products rarely go out of style.
  • Wood products do not react to food and are natural.
  • Wood is much more sustainable than any other material. They are Renewable, Recyclable, and Natural.

We use tools almost every single day. And if these tools are precise, comforting, and well-made, the overall experience improves. This is why it is widely believed that “To do the right job, you need the right tool.” And Wood and luxury accessories offer the most precise and functional tool that gives pleasure to work with.

Get Wood and luxury online

We are the leading and oldest authentic Swiss online shop selling only original Swiss-made products. Order Wood and luxury and get the trackable, insured parcel delivered:

  • Straight to your door,
  • Wherever you are in the world,
  • Directly from Switzerland,
  • Available with a flat rate until 2kg and more.
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