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About Elvetii

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Elvetii is a Swiss natural cosmetics company established in the canton of Vaud that creates high-quality and handcrafted products for both men and women of all ages and skin types. The company was founded in 2020, but the journey began several years ago with a chance meeting in an Edinburgh pub under the watchful gaze of the famous romantic poet Robert Burns. Since then, Elvetii has matured into a craft business that designs, formulates, and produces all of its products in-house to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

Elvetii’s artisanal manufacturing process involves creating fresh products in small series with a passion for good and ethical work that is performed with fervor. The company’s goal is to provide exceptional care that promotes the well-being of your skin. They use vegetable oils and plant extracts to create different harmonies that are carefully balanced to offer both efficiency and maximum comfort of use.

Elvetii’s recipes are gourmet and tasty, featuring real fruit baskets from here and elsewhere that are rich in essential fatty acids, phytoactive elements, antioxidants, and vitamins. These recipes are specially formulated to provide a 360-degree response to the basic needs of your skin.

Elvetii creates high-performance natural care containing 100% targeted plant actives and 0% undesirable substances. The company’s green science approach ensures that each synergy is specially formulated to provide the best possible results for your skin.

Elvetii is committed to respecting the environment, using only ethical suppliers and recyclable glass cosmetic bottles with minimalist outer packaging. The company draws on the potent virtues of plants, inspired by the Celts and the botanical knowledge of the Druids. Today, Elvetii continues to use this ancient knowledge to create high-quality products that are infused with the powerful regenerating and healing essence of mother nature.

The company’s ethos is based on quality ingredients, no compromise, and no worries for you. Elvetii uses exclusively rare and precious natural plant extracts in their rigorous selection and ambitious formulations, developed with science, consciousness, and kindness.

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