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Kaki Spuma Kaki And Grapes Schorle 500 ml

We are proud to add Kaki Spuma Kaki And Grapes Schorle to our shop! Get it today!

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Kaki Spuma Kaki And Grapes Schorle

We are proud to add Kaki Spuma Kaki And Grapes Schorle to our shop! They are members of Swiss Label, with whom we recently became the official representative and partner.

Kaki Spuma Grapes is the world’s first health-conscious fruit juice spritzer based on persimmon and grape juice concentrate. In addition, Claudio Pavin developed it himself from scratch and manufactures it entirely in Switzerland.

Vegan, sustainably produced, ORIGINAL is the ideal thirst quencher with its inimitable taste. Each bottle contains 20% kaki fruit and 20% grape juice. Unfiltered for the full aroma and taste experience.

Kaki has plenty of benefits:

  • Vitamin B 
  • Plenty of provitamin A – which is good for the eyes and nerves  
  • Vitamin C – which strengthens the immune system 
  • It contains minerals, especially potassium and phosphorus, and several phenolic compounds with an antioxidant effect

The trademark “Pavin”

For 25 years Claudio Pavin has carefully, safely, and with great professionalism selected raw materials and, with the right recipes, transformed them into products that he now sees as real culinary excellence with the “Pavin” trademark: coffee, Italian delicacies, sparkling wines, wines, and spirits.

Today, Pavin supplies large customers, restaurants, and hotels just as much as business and private customers. Furthermore, the committed employees have made it their task to represent respected wine and coffee producers and delicatessen manufacturers on the Swiss market. A long-standing friendship connects the Pavin company with all its trading partners.

Order Kaki Spuma Kaki And Grapes Schorle online

We are the leading and oldest authentic Swiss online shop selling only original Swiss-made products. Order this product and get the trackable, insured parcel delivered:

  • straight to your door,
  • wherever you are in the world,
  • directly from Switzerland,
  • available with a flat rate until 2kg and more.
Weight 0.700 kg

Kaki fruit juice (20%) and red grape juice (20%),
Only 24 kcal
Additives free, free of colorants, and no added sugar

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Kaki Spurma Kaki And Grapes SchorleKaki Spuma Kaki And Grapes Schorle 500 ml
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