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Wollbetten brand Overview

Wollbetten brand is a family company with their own production, based in Switzerland. The company was founded in 2001. Since then, they have been producing a wide range of products that promote health, relaxation, restful sleep, and stimulate circulation.

They create most of their products from the best Swiss merino wool and cashmere. Furthermore, merino wool has very good, insulating properties, which have a positive effect on healthy sleep. It stores the heat that is released during sleep but is still temperature-compensating. Hence, there is no freezing and no sweating.

The perfection of their products is unique and authentic. Wollbetten company creates their natural masterpieces right in the heart of Switzerland. They can make every piece custom-made and in a specific size. Everything is handmade and sewn with different sewing machines.

Authentic Swiss products

The greatest Wollbetten products are merino wool & cashmere duvet, and mattress topper. With these, you will experience new levels of warmth and comfort. Also, there is a cute head pillow to make your sleep better and healthier than ever. All these products have a warranty of 10 years!

All these high-quality products are antirheumatic, smooth, temperature-balanced, and elastic. Besides that, Wollbetten has something even more exciting.

They also make sweet house lambskin shoes and slippers. They are very warm and soft. Therefore, you can wear them not only inside, but outside the house, too. On the top of that, there is something for your babies. Cute baby shoes will make your sweetheart’s feet warm and cozy!

Explore Wollbetten Product Now

We are glad to have the Wollbetten brand with us. Explore our vast collection and buy the best products made by Swiss merino wool & cashmere online. And we will deliver the products right at your doorstep. Wake up every morning feeling fresh and relaxed with Wollbetten products!

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