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Blévita is one of Switzerland’s most healthy biscuits brands. These are little crunchy bites you can munch on in between meals. They are your unmistakable partner when you are on the go!

These biscuits are not only a convenient snack, but also one of the best sources of dietary fiber. They are made either from spelt flour and spelt bran, or from a special five-grain flour. That includes wheat, rye, barley, oat and spelt. In addition, Blévitas are oven baked, not fried!

As far as nutritious breakfast snack foods go, Blévita is right there on the top! Natural ingredients and impeccable taste will convince you why the Swiss love this biscuit so much!

This biscuit is one of the best sources of dietary fiber

In addition, Blévita products come in small packages that you can take with you and enjoy wherever, whenever you want!

Whether you are at home, or travelling, take Blévitas with you for a steady, reliable source of energy. Furthermore, these delightful snacks are tasty even without any added sugar.

The wide variety of Blévita products has something for everyone. Made from organic raw ingredients and with sunflower oil, these snacks are guilt free!

Find your favorites and let yourself be surprised by new creations!

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