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caotina brand overview

Caotina chocolate drink is a premium Swiss drink, available in three irresistible varieties. The original with heavenly Swiss milk chocolate, blanc with white chocolate, and noir, with high quality dark chocolate. But that’s not all, it is also enriched with seven vitamins and two minerals!

You will enjoy Swiss chocolate to the last drop! You can drink it hot or drink it cold. Mix it with milk or dissolve it in water. But most of all, savor its delicious flavor and sweet energy boost!

Imagine those hot summer nights with the perfect iced chocolate drink in your hand! Or a long winter day by the fire – topped off with a satisfying hot chocolate! Plus, it is super easy to make! Indulge in your Caotina drink anytime and anywhere!

The best Swiss caotina chocolate

Wander AG invented the Caotina dark chocolate powder in 1963 in the heart of Switzerland’s Alps. With your health and well being in mind, they developed the Caotina blend. It contains 7% of the best Swiss chocolate, gently combined with 19% low-fat cocoa powder.

This unique blend makes Caotina chocolate drink a rich, well-balanced delight, with a pure punch of real Swiss chocolate!

A perfectly balanced blend of superior ingredients, united in a delicate powder which quickly dissolves in hot or cold milk. You will revel in the unique symphony of flavor