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Zweifel brand Overview

Zweifel brand is a Swiss chips family company that has been producing Switzerland’s favorite chips for over 60 years. Offering a unique service, Zweifel chips and snacks are always fresh and crisp.

First of all, they carefully select and process all raw materials. When the harvest is good, they exclusively use Swiss potatoes. The origin of these raw ingredients is extremely important.

As a Swiss family brand, Zweifel focuses on people. Their goal has always been to produce the best quality snacks. The brand focuses on people. Their goal has always been to produce the best quality snacks.

Swiss Zweifel Chips

Furthermore, this company gives great importance to the conscious handling of resources. When it comes to packaging, they try to use as little material as possible.

In addition, they continuously invest in the latest technologies, ensuring the production of fresh, crispy chips. The brand Zweifel has developed and sold more than 40 different products, while production is still growing to date.

Zweifel brand is actively seeking new innovative ways to create new and exciting products. Hence, they take the input of their customers very seriously.

These chips are always fresh and ready for consumption, everywhere and anytime. Don’t believe us, rather taste for yourself why these crispy snacks have been Switzerland’s favorite for over a half a decade!

The best Swiss chips and snacks.

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Swiss Zweifel is an incredible and renounced Swiss brand. They are known for their exceptional delicious chips throughout the world. And we are glad to have them beside us. If you were craving something different and incredible, open a pack of Zweifel and you will know why this brand is so popular.

At Swissmade Direct, we have partnered with numerous Swiss brands to offer your great experience. Browse through our vast inventory and order the best Swiss products according to your needs. We will deliver the product right at your doorstep.

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