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Chips with Mustard 175 g | Zweifel

Zweifel’s Chips with Mustard is baked crispy in pure rapeseed oil. Such an approach creates the incomparable and natural taste of the doubt chips.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Chips with Mustard | Zweifel

Swiss kitchens were mustard’s home for many years. Now it is available in both tubes and the bag. Also, it tastes lovely on Zweifel Chips with mustard and Swiss Alpine salt!

Zweifel chips with mustard are amazing. They are crispy, delicious, and mouthwatering. The package is full of wonders! They are ideal for every occasion as well as they can be your great outdoor companion. Pack a bag or two while you are going out for a campaign or adventure. They surely give you the delicious boost you need to reach the goal!

Pure, natural Swiss Rapeseed Oil

Zweifel chips are baked crispy in pure rapeseed oil. Such an approach creates the incomparable and natural taste of doubt chips. Zweifel sets the quality standard for raw materials, particularly high, and values Swiss origin. Also, Zweifel chips have an equally good fatty acid composition as olive oil. HOLL is “High Oleic Low Linolenic” and means a high proportion of oleic acid. The cultivation areas of the HOLL rapeseed extend from Lake Geneva via the Jura to Lake Constance.


Zweifel relies on Swiss origin for salt and sources their salt from the Saline de Bex in Vaud. They refine chips and snacks with Swiss Alpine salt like Zweifel chips with mustard.


The origin and regionality of Zweifel’s potatoes were always the best. Around 250 farmers in Switzerland are proud to be part of their families. Year after year, they ensure that Zweifel chips keep being the best.

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Zweifel Chips With Mustard 175 g 1Chips with Mustard 175 g | Zweifel
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