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Pharmalp expertise, quality, and efficacy

Pharmalp was founded in April 2012 and is a Swiss company serving healthcare professionals and people who care about their health. Moreover, it supports people who want to take responsibility for their health by offering them natural and effective products that work on both symptoms and causes in order to prevent a recurrence.

The company is very proud of its Swiss roots and its ambition to offer effective, high-quality products in line with the other Swiss companies and their reputation worldwide.

Since its creation, Pharmalp is committed to a social and environmental responsibility initiative and collaborates with local Swiss actors. At all stages of their development process, they prioritize collaborations with Swiss actors – from the identification and preclinical validation of specific ingredients to the development of the final formulas.

Pharmalp has launched on the market 14 products in all these years and even filed an international patent pending.

Pharmalp products

Pharmalp offers phytotherapy products based on alpine plant extracts or micro-algae for preventing or caring for certain daily disorders such as stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, lack of vitality, etc.

In addition, they provide people with products based on good bacteria for the microbiota – the body’s key player in health, digestive well-being, and immunity.

The formulation of their products in figures:
• Organic Plants: 95% of the alpine plants in their products are organically cultivated.
• Vegan: 98 % of their food supplement formulas are vegan.
• Sweeteners: 100 % of their formulas are aspartame-free.
• Gluten: 100 % of their raw materials are gluten-free.
• Pig gelatin: 100 % of their formulas do not contain pig gelatin.
• Lactose: 85% of their raw materials are lactose-free.

At Swiss Made Direct, we offer various Pharmalp products that can help you through the day. Make sure to browse through our online selection and find what suits you the best! We’ll deliver right to your doorstep.



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