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Omnimedica Brand Overview

Omnimedica AG achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of cell age delay with the development of the active formula of OM24 ®. This formula is a standardized and natural active complex of polyphenols, amino acids, trace elements, and polysaccharides obtained from the Camellia Sinensis plant through a specially developed process.

OM24 ® possesses antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds responsible for cell aging. It offers a unique cell protection that has been proven in studies, reducing cytochrome C up to 350 times more effectively than vitamin E. Regular use of OM24 ®-containing products effectively protects the skin and body from environmental influences such as UV radiation, ozone, smog, and stress effects.

OM24 ® protects important cell components such as DNA and mitochondria from the harmful effects of free radicals while regulating various signaling pathways to support the regeneration of body cells. It also inhibits the enzyme collagenase, which breaks down and accelerates the decay of connective tissue, thereby helping cells stay vital and preventing cell aging.

The nature of OM24 ® allows for countless applications for clinical, therapeutic, dermatological, preventive, and performance-enhancing purposes. It can have its effect either from the outside (topically, on the skin) or from the inside (by taking).

Topical use of OM24 ® has a regenerating effect on the skin, repairing cell damage, reducing age spots, pigment disorders, and wrinkles. It also keeps the skin firm, fresh, and fine. OM24 ® strengthens, regenerates, and helps internally to build healthy and fit body cells, such as cartilage cells in joints, bone cells, and muscles, among others. Regular use helps the cells build a protective shield against pollutants and intruders, extending cellular life and supporting the cells to stay fit and fresh.

OM24 ® also improves the general feeling of well-being, reduces fatigue and saggingness, and increases concentration in stressful situations. It improves general resistance to physical and psychological stress and vitalizes the mind and body.

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