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Swiss brand Dr. Wild & Co. AG presents their healthcare items, including toothpaste and toothbrush, atop a wood table.

Wild Pharma Brand Overview

Dr. Wild & Co. AG, an esteemed company established in 1932, dedicated to the healthcare and well-being of people in their everyday lives. With a comprehensive portfolio that encompasses pharmaceuticals, oral care products, cosmetics, medical devices, and food supplements, Dr. Wild & Co. AG has made a remarkable impact on the industry.

As an independent, family-run company rooted in the Basel region of Switzerland, Dr. Wild & Co. AG takes great pride in its commitment to local production. The company’s own factory in Muttenz, Switzerland, serves as a hub for manufacturing many of its products. This ensures rigorous quality control and adherence to the highest standards of excellence.

With a strong presence in Switzerland, Dr. Wild & Co. AG employs various distribution channels to market and sell its products. These include over-the-counter (OTC) sales, clinical/hospital care, and dental care. The company has assembled a highly qualified and experienced sales force to effectively promote its products in the Swiss market. Furthermore, Dr. Wild & Co. AG has forged enduring partnerships with reputable distributors in over 40 countries, predominantly in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, to expand its global reach.

Dr. Wild & Co. AG’s legacy and success can be attributed to its family-centric approach. Being 100% family-owned, the company embodies a strong sense of personal commitment and entrepreneurial responsibility. Since its establishment, the company has been managed by family members, who have provided strategic direction and operational expertise. In 2017, third-generation family members Marcel Wild and Christoph L. Wild assumed leadership roles, infusing the company with new strategies, passion, and enthusiasm to steer it confidently into the future.

One of the prominent aspects of Dr. Wild & Co. AG’s offerings is its extensive oral care portfolio. Cultivating a close and productive relationship with dental clinics and practitioners since the 1940s, the company has developed a wide range of innovative toothpastes, gels, mouth rinses, and mouthwashes at its in-house facilities. These products, marketed under the brand names Tebodont®, Emoform®, Emofluor®, Depurdent®, and Emofresh®, boast innovative formulas that cater to various dental care needs, including sensitivity and gum problems.

With a visionary mindset, Dr. Wild & Co. AG has also made significant strides in the vitamin D market. Since 2000, the company has pioneered and established itself as a leader in this sector. Its comprehensive and innovative portfolio comprises daily and monthly vitamin D supplements, some of which are even included in the reimbursement lists of health insurers. Notably, Dr. Wild & Co. AG takes pride in introducing the Vitamin D Wild Capsules – Vegan, the first vegan vitamin D supplement in its range.

Recognizing the importance of pediatric healthcare, Dr. Wild & Co. AG offers essential remedies for babies and children. Its Vitamin D Wild Oil, Oxyplastin® wound paste, and Deaftol® address various conditions, contributing to the health and well-being of the youngest members of society.

As a testament to its enduring presence in the market, Dr. Wild & Co. AG’s Contra-Schmerz® brand has been providing affordable pain relief since 1933. These OTC painkillers, available in a unique and convenient tube packaging, have been instrumental in the company’s initial growth. Evolving with the times, Dr. Wild & Co. AG also offers Contra-Schmerz® IL 400, a product containing ibuprofen, aligning with current consumer preferences.

Swissmade Direct proudly partners with Dr. Wild & Co. AG to bring their exceptional range of products to you. As an authorized partner, we ensure easy access to their pharmaceuticals, oral care products, cosmetics, and food supplements. With Dr. Wild & Co. AG, you can confidently embrace a brand that has devoted itself to enhancing the healthcare and well-being of people for over 90 years.

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