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FOCUSWATER Brand Overview

 The Swiss brand FOCUSWATER gives a refreshing and unique experience and focuses on offering a better alternative than traditional unhealthy soft drinks. A Swiss thirst quencher, made to look after your vitamin needs and active lifestyle. With years of experience in hand, the brand made something extraordinary by balancing the right amount of vitamins and minerals in a bottle.

To this day, the beverage market is pretty vast and saturated. The market is filled with water companies concentrating on making drinks with artificial flavours, unhealthy ingredients, and a high sugar volume. And navigating through this mess as a general shopper can be a tough job. Fortunately, one brand can help you in this regard. And the brand is known as FOCUSWATER.

The Swiss brand came into existence in 2012. For the first few years, the brand Swiss FOCUSWATER worked in Switzerland’s local market, mainly with the catering sector. However, from 2018, the brand started to spread its wing outside of Switzerland. It was able to gain massive momentum around the continent due to its vision and creativity in making vitamin drinks.

Since the beginning, the organization wanted to offer a better alternative to the people. And they have succeeded in offering vitamin-rich, artificial ingredients free refreshing beverages. A 500ml bottle covers 75-100% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins such as B3, B5, B6, B7, C, D for adults.

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Besides having the best and essential ingredients and elements, FOCUSWATER is always working on introducing new flavors for its widespread customer base. Therefore, if you are looking for a beverage company that matches with a sustainable, healthy & active lifestyle, FOCUSWATER is the idle choice for you.

And for your convenience, we have partnered with this great Swiss brand so you can get the best at your home. Please browse through our page and order the best Swiss drinks online; we have plenty of choices for you. Don’t forget to try them all!



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