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Air Force Academy Switzerland Brand Overview

Air Force Academy Switzerland is one of the most prominent Swiss brands throughout the world. They are well known for offering exceptionally made and stylish T-shirts, caps and other products. The brand has a vast and growing number of flowers throughout the world. And today, they are being counted amongst one of the most successful Swiss brands. However, this success came after decades of experience and putting a lot of effort into the brands’ vision.

The brand wanted to do something different yet necessary. The brand has the vision to bring back the most stylish and timeless fashion icons from the past to the present. And this was the reason they worked hard to establish the brand Air Force Academy Switzerland. The foundation of the organization began more than a hundred years ago, in 1915 to be exact. The sixties and a few special characters’ lifestyles and fashion standards were the inspiration behind our products.

A blending of style & best material

The brand had a goal to reincarnate the vintage American styles and blended with modern Swiss Air Force inspired graphics by adhering to the highest quality and standards. The brand as a whole always wanted to be one of the most recognized amongst the contemporary business market. And the number of growing successes and users certainly reveals that they are successful in the pursuit of becoming a great contemporary brand.

For the brand, Swiss Air Force Academy, the air and the sky are very dear. Therefore, you will notice the usages of the color blue in almost every product. Besides the color, the brand also focuses on making use of the right ingredients to make the product. The right ingredients not only make the products comfortable; it also offers durability as well.

Air Force Academy Switzerland A choice for you

If you were looking for something contemporary that has a vintage mark on it and made with great quality ingredients, Air Force Academy will be the perfect choice for you.



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