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about reso

RESO Brand Overview

RESO is a brand that understands the values and priorities of today’s parents when it comes to their children’s toys. With a strong emphasis on natural materials and a keen sensitivity to the origins of toys, RESO offers a range of products that resonate with these discerning parents.

One particular area of concern is the transportation of toys, especially those made of wood, which often come from countries thousands of kilometers away. The brand addresses this issue by focusing on local production, particularly with their flagship product, the Swiss stone pine magic blocks.

Environmental Friendly

Switzerland is renowned for its natural beauty, including its vast forests. The brand takes advantage of this abundant resource by crafting their magic blocks using locally sourced Swiss stone pine. By doing so, they not only minimize the environmental impact associated with long transportation routes but also promote a sustainable approach to toy production.

This commitment to local sourcing and manufacturing not only reduces additional CO2 emissions but also emphasizes RESO’s dedication to nature and the environment.

The magic blocks themselves are a testament to brand’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. Designed to spark the imaginations of both children and adults, these blocks allow for the creation of imaginative sculptures and structures.

With cube elements that seamlessly connect on all six sides without the need for additional parts or protruding connecting elements, the magic blocks offer endless possibilities for creative play.

RESO Product Safety and security

Safety is of paramount importance at RESO. Each magic block features 48 holes and is designed with an edge length of 4 cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for children’s hands. The three connecting dowels are securely glued, eliminating any potential choking hazards.

This attention to detail and commitment to safety make the magic blocks suitable for children as young as 2 1/2 years old. Additionally, the brand offers a kit of 17 pieces that enables the construction of various figures, such as bears or stools, providing even more engaging play options.

Superior craftsmanship

Andres Streiff, the skilled craftsman behind the brand, produces the magic blocks in the workshop located at Zollhausstrasse 2 in Glarus, Switzerland. This workshop holds a rich history, dating back to 1893 when it was the birthplace of Switzerland’s first series production of skis.

Leveraging his expertise as a class teacher for 45 years, Andres Streiff combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. While he employs a self-built CNC wood milling machine for precision, he also incorporates a significant amount of manual work, ensuring each magic block receives the personal touch it deserves.

Built to last

RESO’s choice of Swiss stone pine as the primary material for their magic blocks goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. This exceptional tree, often referred to as the queen of the Alps, thrives in the Alpine region at elevations between 1500 and 2000 meters.

With its longevity, reaching up to 1000 years, the Swiss stone pine embodies a sense of resilience and natural beauty. Moreover, the wood possesses health benefits and emits a pleasant aroma that can enhance well-being. The contact with the magic blocks during play reactivates the aroma, further adding to the sensory experience.

Locally crafted toys

RESO is a brand that not only speaks about sustainability but also actively practices it. Their toys are meticulously crafted by local artisans, using renewable materials that showcase their unwavering commitment to the environment and ethical toy manufacturing.

When you choose RESO, you are not only supporting Swiss craftsmanship, but also the preservation of natural beauty through sustainable play. Come and experience the magic of RESO, where the art of Swiss craftsmanship meets the marvels of nature.

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