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Rausch brand history and philosophy

Rausch brand was founded in 1890, and since then, it entirely relies on the power of herbs. The company founder is Josef Wilhelm Rausch, a German master coiffeur. He created hair tonics and shampoos using unique, highly effective herbal extracts.

The unique company philosophy is still the same: “The power of herbs for skin and hair”. They are operating with 87 herbal and plant ingredients in the form of extracts, tinctures, and oils. Therefore, Rausch guarantees the highest percentage of natural active ingredients in their products. There are 43 extracts in-house using their own gentle extraction processes.

This Swiss company works only with natural raw materials from special herbs. Those herbs become valuable active ingredients because of gentle in-house processes. The right herbs in a perfect combination of quality and quantity make the Rausch brands’ Herbal Hair and Body Care System unique and original.

Rausch ingredients and products

Rausch combines the century-old knowledge of therapeutic herbs, that came from the monasteries, with the most modern scientific methods and technology. Both raw materials and end products are always the subject of comprehensive controls and dermatological tests. These tests and controls are the guarantees to the customer of Rausch’s unique premium quality. Also, each Rausch product provides naturalness, safeness, and long-lasting gentle effectiveness.

Care of the environment and nature, sustainability, and animal-free research are the fundamental values at Rausch. Hair is an expression of an individual’s personality and natural charisma. Beautiful hair and healthy skin are the primary concerns of this traditional family business.

Many of the Rausch brands’ herbs have unique characteristics that help your hair in different ways. Some of the most valuable plants are amaranth, horsetail, coltsfoot, quillaja bark, rapeseed, seaweed, and burdock root. All these ingredients are the crucial parts of Rausch’s shampoos, conditioners, and hair tonics. If you want your hair to reach the next level, Rausch products are the best option out there!



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