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Goba Brand History

Goba is a Swiss brand known for its amazing products and rich history. The organization started its journey decades ago, in 1930. Though today we know the brand makes many products, if we look past it through the lens of time, we will see it all started by the Schmidiger couple and a simple beverage bottling plant. Josef and Hedwig Schmidiger started their journey by bottling mineral waters coming out of their own spring. However, today, the brand has grown a lot and now consists of around sixty employees who take care of day-to-day works.

Goba- when quality matters

Goba AG is located in Gontenbad, APPENZELL INNERRHODEN, Switzerland, and they deliver their incredible products worldwide to satisfy the needs and wants of vast clientele. They have decades of experience in making great products for their consumers. And today the company have spread their wings towards other areas besides making the beverage.

The Swiss organization now makes delicious spreads and caramels with many distinct flavors. The brand puts a lot of effort into ensuring the products they make are genuinely outstanding in quality and deliciousness. They adhere to strict quality standards so that the end-user gets the most fantastic experience. Therefore, you can always expect the best when you order from an authentic Swiss shop like Swissmade Direct.

Get directly from Switzerland

At Swissmade Direct, we have years of experience in delivering the best Swiss made products. And always strive to deliver the best. And therefore, we have partnered with the brand Goba to offer our clientele authentic and high-quality products made by the renowned Swiss brand. Now get the best Swiss spreads and caramels at your convenience directly from Switzerland.



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