Edelvetica Brand Overview

The amalgamation of modernity and tradition for the apparel industry is a challenging job. However, there are people who adore their tradition or try to hold into it. But, the problem for those people is that sometimes the traditional apparel might look clumsy and old. The best way to pull this off by combining traditional values with modern style trends. And the Swiss brand Edelvetica came into existence just for that. The founder wanted to offer something great that can be used every day to express Switzerland’s strong bond and love for Switzerland. And this was achieved by combining modern fashion trends with decade-old Swiss tradition after going through research, a lot of effort, and hard work.

The journey of Edelvetica

And you will be surprised to know that the brands’ journey towards making exceptional apparel started with 4 T-shirts and a lot of effort. Those 4 T-shirts were able to bring a lot of positive response, which was the driving force behind the organization’s foundation. And in the beginning, the Swiss brand Edelvetica was making apparel only for men; however, today, they are producing exceptional Swiss apparel by combining modern style elements and traditional values for both men and women.

During its initial days, the brand gained great success. They sold the entire stock very fast. It was one of the most crucial steps towards diversifying its customer base. Because now they have the capability to offer Swiss-made apparel for men and women outside of their boundary. Practically throughout the globe.

Explore the whole collection

Today, the brand Edelvetica has enormous support throughout the country as well as adored by a huge number of loyal customers around the globe. They really brought something unique and great. And we are glad to have them beside us. We have a wide collection of the Edelvetica apparel in our store. Go through the collection, we are confident you will love their stylish yet traditional apparels.



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