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Minor Brand

Swiss Minor chocolate Overview

Maestrani Chocolate Manufacture

Maestrani is a Swiss chocolate company that offers a select range of chocolate specialties. In their factory in Flawil, St. Gallen, they produce excellent chocolate and confectionery treats under the brand Minor.

Aquilino Maestrani, the founding father of the company, is one of the pioneers in the production of Swiss chocolate. He founded the company in 1852. Fifty years later he invents the Minor recipe. In 1936, as a result, Minor was officially registered in the Swiss Trademark Register.

The company has been involved in many sustainability projects over the years. Hence, in 1987, they became the first Swiss chocolate manufacturer to produce organic and fair trade chocolate.

Maestrani chocolate is a true feast for all the senses!


Minor is an all-natural chocolate. Since the brand does not add any artificial flavors or aromas to their products, all you will taste are high-quality natural ingredients. They combine creamy chocolate with Swiss milk and add roasted hazelnut chips, in addition to vanilla extract directly from the pod.

The brand obtains every single hazelnut from the best cultivation area in Italy. Hence, you won’t find so many hazelnut pieces in any other chocolate bar!

Furthermore, the Swiss chocolate company does not use genetically modified ingredients in their products, which are also completely gluten-free!

Taste the complexity of natural ingredients in one single piece of creamy, dreamy chocolate.

Swiss Chocolate 100% Natural

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