Wenger Swissgear Overview

Wenger Swissgear company is a well-established Swiss name. Founded in 1893, it originally started as a knife factory. Alongside Victorinox, this company is the sole manufacturer of the legendary Swiss Army knife. Wenger’s product range is popular all across the world. They focus on the production of top-quality Swiss made watches and Wenger Swiss luggage. In addition, Swissgear by Wenger believes in reasonably priced products and accessibility for everyone.

The history Wenger Swissgear

Since 2005 Wenger watches is a part of Victorinox. Both brands promote traditional values, as well as remain loyal to their Swiss roots.

Let yourself be inspired by the broad range of products this company has to offer. Every item is an ideal combination of dependability and style. Furthermore, workers craft all watches and travel gear from carefully selected materials. This Swiss brand is the ultimate fusion of functionality and contemporary design.

SWISSGEAR by Wenger, the brand retains its distinct identity. They advocate a passion for quality, precision, and also excellent craftsmanship.

Scroll through our collection of Swissgear watches! You will surely find the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. If you appreciate the value of looking good and are always on the go, then this is the brand for you! Most of all, it’s a perfect choice for customers who believe in top quality at a reasonable price.

Browse Wenger and more products

At Swissmade Direct, we are glad to have Swiss Wenger beside us. We want to extend a wide range of original Swiss-made products to our global clientele. Therefore, we have partnered with the most well-known and recognized Swiss brands. Explore our product page and find out the best Swiss-made products meant to serve your needs. You can learn more f products on our website.

Wenger Swissgear get them online

We are the leading and oldest authentic Swiss online shop selling only original Swiss-made products just like Swissgear by Wenger. How to get it? Order online, and you get the trackable, insured parcel delivered straight to your door, wherever you are in the world, directly from Switzerland.



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