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Swiss soap maker

Seifenmacher is a distinguished Swiss company revered for its dedication to crafting natural, handmade soaps that redefine the essence of skincare. With a philosophy deeply rooted in the belief that both diet and skincare should harbor a basic nature, Seifenmacher’s soaps boast a fundamental pH value of 8.5, mirroring that of amniotic fluid, to foster an environment that nurtures and protects the skin.

At the heart of Seifenmacher’s product line is a commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients. The company prides itself on incorporating high food-grade quality coconut and sunflower oils, along with sumptuous shea and cocoa butter, all meticulously sourced from organic farming. This dedication to quality and natural purity sets Seifenmacher apart from the conventional soap and shower gel market.

Artisanal approach

What truly distinguishes Seifenmacher’s offerings is their artisanal approach to soap making. Employing the traditional method of cold saponification, they meticulously blend lye (comprising sodium and potassium hydroxide) with their chosen oils to craft soaps that are gentle, moisturizing, and kind to the skin. This age-old technique ensures that the beneficial properties of the oils are preserved, resulting in a luxurious and therapeutic product.

Seifenmacher’s commitment to sustainability is evident not only in their choice of ingredients but also in their packaging. By favoring solid soap bars over liquid alternatives, they significantly reduce the environmental footprint associated with their products. Furthermore, their packaging solutions, crafted from recycled paper, underscore their dedication to environmental stewardship.

Ethical consumerism

Seifenmacher has taken a stand against using palm oil in its products in a bold move towards ethical consumerism. This decision not only mitigates their environmental impact but also aligns with their core values of sustainability and ethical responsibility.

For those seeking a skincare experience that is as kind to the planet as it is to their skin, Seifenmacher offers a range of products that embody the true spirit of Swiss craftsmanship, natural purity, and environmental consciousness.

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