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Bex les Bains Brand Overview

The journey of the Swiss brand Bex Les Bains is unique and interesting. People more likely know the brand as a salt-based cosmetics line maker, but they started their health resort journey during the Belle Époque. The place was famous for its incredible Salt bath and drinks. Thousands of people throughout the globe visited the resort to relax and retreat. And there were many high-ranking international guests like writer Victor Hugo, the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary Sissi, the last Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassi and many more.

Bex les Bains History

Bath salts have been used for a long time to treat or elevate well-being. And that’s why Bex was really famous. In fact, it was believed that the water flowing through the resort could cure more than 50 diseases. But the Grand Hôtel des Salines is now closed. However, the knowledge still carried on. And that expertise helped brought new life into its brand Bex-Les-Bains. And today, the organization has enormous followers throughout the globe.

Bex Les Bains care makes their products by making sure not to affect the delicate balance of nature and humans adversely. The products the brand makes are made exclusively in Switzerland. The products do not use any added fragrances, synthetic dyes, and parabens and never test the products on poor animals. Besides this, they also take the packaging very seriously. They try to pack the products without using outer packaging. And the materials have over 99% natural ingredients.

Get them online

Today, you do not have to leave your place to get the benefits from the Swiss salt bath. You can get it at your home with the help of Swissmade Direct. Bex Les Bains has developed care products by adhering to strict Swiss guidelines and by following through handed-down knowledge to elevate your well-being. And you can get the Swiss Gourmet Salt, Gourmet Salt With Bio Herbs, and many more from the brand Bex Les Bains at your convenience directly from Switzerland. Get the all-natural products to elevate your lifestyle.



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