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Bachmann bakery

Bachmann is the market-leading bakery in central Switzerland. This modern and innovative family business have more than 100-year-old tradition and a very distinct sense of quality. The company considers the education of its employees as especially important. Many of these employees have been with the company for years. Therefore, they represent the great team with the top expertise, passion, and commitment.

Over 200 patissiers and bakers are highly committed to serving 365 days a year. Hence, there are always fresh delicacies in specialist stores. Quality and freshness are the high priority. Furthermore, they have exceptional attention to detail. For five generations, this beautiful handcraft is their passion.

Tradition and Quality

For 120 years, Bachmann company has provided bread, delicate pastries, and specialties of the very best quality. Their bakery at Lucerne produces more than 500 different fresh products every day, using recipes handed down through the generations.

We can recognize the quality in the amplitude of their work, too. One of the most unbelievable facts is that 65 tonnes of chocolate are used every year. Besides, they make 40 different varieties of bread and 30 types of pralines every day. Furthermore, they create almost 400 wedding cakes every year! Impressive isn’t it?

Bachmann bakery represents a beautiful mix of tradition, top quality, and dedication. Hopefully, we will enjoy their specialties for another 100 years!