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Bachmann Brand Overview

Bachmann, the name carries heritage, legacy, and more than a hundred years old excellent chocolate craftmanship. For more than 120 years, the family-owned business has been involved in delivering exceptional quality delicious chocolate. Time has changed since its inception in 1897. However, the brands’ urge to offer their customers real Swiss excellence did not.

The brand Bachmann has provided More than Swiss chocolate in its more than a hundred years of journey. They are a well-known brand for the maker of bread and good quality pastries as well. The brand follows the traditional way of making Swiss chocolate. Bachmann uses its handed-down family-owned recipe special and is upheld by thousands of its loyal customers throughout the world. Besides this, the brand always makes an extra effort to bring the raw ingredients for their products from local suppliers. This ensures that the quality of their products is always optimum and great.

List of Awards

Besides offering delicious chocolate, the brand also takes extra initiative to make sure it reduces its carbon footprint. The brand imports its ingredients where the farming procedure is sustainable and UTZ-certified. Therefore, the products that come from Bachmann contain UTZ-certified ingredients allowing you to enjoy them in good conscience. The Swiss organization is also an award-winning brand as well. In fact, Bachmann was presented with the most prestigious European award in the industry in 2010. Besides this, the organization also won prestigious awards, such as The “Marktkieker” award for innovative baking as well.


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