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Lucerne Chocolate Milk 100 g | Bachmann

Luzern Milk Chocolate will enchant your senses. It is tender and mild and unfolds a wealth of flavors, like true Swiss milk chocolate.

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Introducing Bachmann’s Lucerne Chocolate Milk

For more than 100 years, the Bachmann brand has stood for excellent tasting Lucerne Chocolate Milk. This bar, made of the finest Swiss milk chocolate, will enchant your senses. It is tender and mild and unfolds a wealth of flavors in your mouth.

Bachmann – Crafting Excellence in Central Switzerland

As the foremost bakery in central Switzerland, Bachmann seamlessly blends modern innovation with a rich 100-year tradition. Rooted in a strong sense of quality, our family business thrives on continuous employee education. Our dedicated team, comprised of individuals with years of experience, embodies the essence of expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment.

Bachmann history

With a workforce of over 200 skilled patissiers and bakers, they tirelessly deliver fresh delights 365 days a year. The company’s emphasis on quality and freshness, coupled with unparalleled attention to detail, ensures a delightful experience for our patrons. For five generations, they have passionately embraced the art of handcrafting, giving rise to the extraordinary Lucerne Chocolate Milk.

We can recognize the quality in the amplitude of their work, too. One of the most unbelievable facts is that 65 tonnes of chocolate are used every year. Besides, they make 40 different varieties of bread and 30 types of pralines every day. Furthermore, they create almost 400 wedding cakes every year! Impressive, isn’t it?

Bachmann bakery represents a beautiful mix of tradition, top quality, and dedication. Hopefully, we will enjoy their specialties for another 100 years!

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