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Kambly Bio Almond Croissants 100g


The Almond croissants are not only delicious, but also amazing biscuits. They’re without any flavor enhancers and baked using a traditional home-made recipe.

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Kambly Bio Almond Croissants

Kambly Bio Almond Croissants are delicate. The cookies crispy made with almond biscuits directly derive from the heart of Switzerland. The company has epitomized the Swiss tradition of delicate biscuits for three generations. Almond croissant biscuits are made by utilizing local ingredients. What does it mean? Well, there are numerous benefits of using local ingredients. First of all, the materials stay fresh, and the company can have a direct discussion about the quality of the product with the suppliers. This ensures that the ingredients that being used to make Swiss almond biscuits always have the best ingredients.

Tasty almond Kambly Cookies

Today, people are concerned about their well-being and their diets. More and more people are leaning towards leading a lifestyle with better foods. You will be glad to know that the croissants Kambly Cookies are delicious. Furthermore, they may boost your well-being as well. The company has put a lot of to make sure the almond croissant biscuits fulfill modern-day consumers’ need. Swiss almond croissants are made without adding any flavor enhancers. Hence, the organization also follows a traditional and proven home-made recipe to make the product. With great love and dedication, this Swiss company made its delicious almond croissants biscuits. You will feel there hard work and commitment on every single bite!

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Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Wheat flour, raw cane sugar, almonds 14%, butter 11%, palm oil, eggs, wheat starch, salt, vanilla extract. All agricultural ingredients are organic.


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