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Depurdent Clean And Polish Toothpaste 75 ml | Wild Pharma

Depurdent Clean And Polish Toothpaste contains the well-known and well tested standard abrasive substance pumice in a fine grain size.

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Depurdent Clean And Polish Toothpaste

Depurdent Clean And Polish Toothpaste contains the well-known and well tested standard abrasive substance pumice in a fine grain size. Pumice is a natural product and has a with a positive ecological balance.

While discoloration on the teeth cannot always be prevented, superficial discolorations (nicotine, coffee, tea and other reversible discolorations) can be easily removed with the cleaning and polishing paste DEPURDENT, thanks to its superior cleaning power.

When necessary, apply DEPURDENT 1 – 2 times per week on a moistened toothbrush.

Free from: chemical bleaching agents, enzymes, preservatives and microplastics.


Toothpaste with granular pumice for cleaning, polishing and whitening. Removes plaque and tooth discoloration with a polishing effect.


Removes plaque and stain dyes from nicotine, coffee, tea, wine, etc.
Calcium carbonate and lapis pumicis: Effectively removes pigment stains from nicotine, coffee and other tooth surfaces.

How to use

Brush and polish the teeth in small circular motions. About once to twice a week.

DEPURDENT®: Your Path to a Brighter Smile

In the quest for whiter teeth, DEPURDENT® stands as your trusted ally. This innovative solution swiftly and thoroughly rids your teeth of unsightly stains caused by nicotine, coffee, tea, and more while effectively removing plaque. DEPURDENT® achieves this through the inclusion of fine granules of the well-known and reliable pumice.

Embrace the DEPURDENT® Advantage

  • Stain-Free Confidence: Bid farewell to teeth stains, courtesy of nicotine, coffee, tea, and other sources.
  • A Plaque-Free Promise: DEPURDENT® goes beyond surface stains to target plaque buildup, ensuring a healthier smile.
  • Illuminate Your Smile: DEPURDENT® unveils the radiance of dazzling white teeth by eradicating hard deposits.

Wild Pharma: Leading the Way in Oral Care Worldwide

In the realm of oral care, Wild Pharma has emerged as the undisputed leader within the Swiss OTC channel. With a global footprint encompassing approximately 40 countries, they export an extensively clinically tested product portfolio enriched with unique key ingredients, reshaping oral care on a global scale.

Quality Takes Center Stage

  • Production Excellence: Wild Pharma’s state-of-the-art facilities are fully modernized and automated, setting the gold standard in production standards, quality control, and assurance.
  • The Quest for Purity: In crafting every toothpaste, gel, and mouth rinse, purified water is the cornerstone, embodying their unwavering dedication to purity.
  • A Sustainable Vision: Wild Pharma’s sustainability-focused approach includes harnessing solar energy, adopting recyclable materials, eliminating secondary packaging, and making a substantial impact by reducing their carbon footprint.

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Wild Pharma Depurdent Clean And Polish Toothpaste - 75 ml for effective oral care.Depurdent Clean And Polish Toothpaste 75 ml | Wild Pharma
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