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Legends fascinate us, everyone. For hundreds of years, the story of tales kept us occupied and helped us expand our imagination. However, today, with the invention of smartphones and the internet, kids are glued to the screen most of the time. This affects their eyes adversely if used more than it should be, often it also affects the mind. And this is why you have to offer kids something different, which gives them the chance to widen their imagination and creativity. And Varsys’ is a brand that has come up with the most useful product after years of research.

Varsys is a brand that has placed quite a lot of resources to bring classic folklore and myths of Swiss legend in interactive books. Switzerland is filled with rich classical myths. However, people nowadays forget about them. However, the brand Varsys took the initiative and now making books filed with the classic folktale of Switzerland to fascinate the reader’s mind as well to preserve the fantastic treasures of Swiss culture.

Based on Luzern the brand is dedicated to promoting and making beautiful stories. The quality of the books is exceptionally well and always finds new ways to make them more interactive. In fact, varsys won the award out of thousands of applications form more than 47 countries for being one of the best brands for its “outstanding design, aesthetics, innovation, and enriching value to society.”

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