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Caotina Chocolate Powder Beverage 100 Portions


Caotina Chocolate Powder is the classic from Caotina. In this package, there are 100 portions that you can share with your family and friends!

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Swiss Caotina chocolate powder Beverage

Swiss Caotina chocolate powder is a classic from Caotina. The original version has been the most popular cocoa drink for fans of real Swiss chocolate and the finest cocoa for over 50 years. It’s simply distinctive.

In this package, there are 100 portions that you can share with your family and friends!

Caotina beauty

Caotina chocolate powder is the Swiss chocolate that you can drink. Or, let’s say, better – taste, smell, and experience. Comfortably warm or refreshingly cool, depending on the situation. A sensual taste experience in many variations. Now also available as a delicious spread. Discover Caotina products.

By the way, more than 92% of the Swiss know Caotina – The Swiss chocolate pleasure to drink. Caotina is not only enjoyed on the ski slopes but also provides a refreshing cool down in summer. We toast it with a delicious cup of Caotina!

You will enjoy Swiss chocolate to the last drop! You can drink it hot or drink it cold. Mix it with milk or dissolve it in water. But most of all, savor its delicious flavor and sweet energy boost!

Imagine those hot summer nights with the perfect iced chocolate drink in your hand! Or a long winter day by the fire – topped off with a satisfying hot chocolate! Plus, it is super easy to make! Indulge in your Caotina drink anytime and anywhere!

Superior ingredients of Swiss Caotina chocolate powder

This unique blend makes Caotina chocolate drink a rich, well-balanced delight, with a pure punch of real Swiss chocolate!

A perfectly balanced blend of superior ingredients, united in a delicate powder that quickly dissolves in hot or cold milk. You will revel in the unique symphony of flavors that is Caotina!

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, 19% fat-reduced cocoa powder (with emulsifier SOY lecithin), glucose syrup, 7% chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, fat-reduced cocoa powder, flavor vanillin), mineral dicalcium phosphate, flavor vanillin, salt, vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, pantothenic acid). May contain: milk


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