Fine Salt Without Iodine And Fluorine 6.5 kg


Fine Salt Without Iodine And Fluorine reveals all the flavors of your dishes. It’s suitable for the kitchen of taste professionals.

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Fine Salt Without Iodine And Fluorine

Fine Salt Without Iodine And Fluorine reveals all the flavors of your dishes. This bucket is suitable for the kitchens of taste professionals. Moreover, it’s practical and compact and therefore essential as a flavor companion for your specialties!

unique, traditional production

With craftsmanship and the utmost care, salt is extracted in the salt mines of Bex using a traditional method. In order to extract the essential raw material, the miners drill into the mountain. Furthermore, with the help of drill cores, they analyze the rock to determine whether the borehole contains enough salt veins for use. The mountain keeps surprising, and it happens that drilling cannot be used.

Bex les Bains, located in the Vaudois Chablais, is at the foot of a salty region that extends over 50 km². Furthermore, all Bex les Bains products are Swiss made with the greatest respect for nature and people.

Salt for every occasion

The package of Sel des Alpes salt is convenient for everyday use. In addition, it’s suitable for every taste and every recipe in the family kitchen, bakery, cheese dairy, and star cuisine. Enhance the taste of your food!

Salt is an absolute must-have in every kitchen, no matter if you are a professional chef or an amateur that loves to cook! Hence, don’t miss out on Fine Salt Without Iodine And Fluorine, which can make your meal much tastier! Furthermore, let yourself be seduced by an all-natural product full of history! Browse through our online selection and find products that suit you the most! We’ll deliver to your doorstep.

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Weight8.000 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Salt (sodium chloride)


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