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Salt is very essential ingredients for day to day life. They make the meals more delicious, and there are other salts uses besides making food as well. Therefore, we have to keep a closer look at these ingredients, and we must understand its importance. Salt has numerous benefits with respect to health and daily life. However, consumption of substandard salt can also bring a bad influence on the body. Therefore, while you are buying salt, you have to be extra careful. One thing you can do from the beginning is purchasing Sel Des Alpes brand salts.

Most of the time, salts come from open lands, which may increase the chance of contamination. However, salt from Sel des Alpes comes directly from Bex Salt Mine. The mine is located beneath the underground facility. Being collected from underground mines, the salt is much better than other salts collected from the ground above. And above all, the salt reaches the end-users it all of its original purity. Since it has maximum purity, it contains essential elements such as Iodine and Fluoride.

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If you have been looking for pollution-free, yet mixed with essential ingredients salts for day to day use, the best answer is Sel Des Alpes brand. Order the salts from the Swiss Alpes. At Swissmade Direct, we care for your convenience. Therefore, we are here to deliver the product right at your doorstep. Are you looking for more Swiss products than salt? We have got your back. We have a vast collection of Swiss-made products in our store, ready to be explored by you. Explore our inventory and find out what suits you the best.


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