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Sel Des Alpes Salt with Iodine and Fluoride 250 g

Brand: Sel Des Alpes

Sel des Alpes comes from the Bex Salt Mines from an underground environment, away from all forms of pollution, so it has original purity.


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Sel des Alpes Overview

Sel des Alpes is an exceptional salt that comes from the hill of Switzerland. And the history behind this salt goes back not thousands but millions of years back. This mountain salt is being used for many purposes. For instance, it can be used as a seasoning as well as people use it for elevating their well-being as well.

Best for nature and you

The Sel des Alpes or Swiss Alpine Salt has been preserved for millions of years in the middle of the renowned Swiss Alps. The brand takes suitable measures to extract the salt. Crystal clear mountain water is used to take out the salts. And everything happens by using the latest technology and green energy to ensure the extraction process does not adversely affect the delicate environmental balance.

Sel des Alpes comes from the Bex Salt Mines from an underground environment. It is far away from all forms of pollution, so it reaches the consumer in all its original purity. Le Sel des salts is pure fine salt brings the best natural aroma and taste. Furthermore, it contains two crucial ingredients – Iodine and Fluoride.

Iodine and Fluoride are known for offering great sets of health benefits. It can offer significant nutrient benefits and elevate your lifestyle. The salt can be consumed by everyone.

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Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Salt, fluoride (0.025%), iodine (0.0025%), agent (E536)


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