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Knorr Soup Vegetable 500g


Knorr Soup Vegetable is an ideal mix of carrots, onions, tomatoes, celery root, leeks, potatoes, cabbage, peas, broccoli, and garlic. This is the natural mixture which comes straight from the fields to enrich your supper table. Thus, this soup Knorr stands out because it is made just with these fresh ingredients to be snappy, simple and the most delightful side of your ordinary suppers. With its a serious, characteristic and rich flavor is the best to be found and delighted in by families all over!

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Knorr Soup Vegetable: a Real Quality Vegetable Flavor

Knorr Soup Vegetable is a perfect product to bring the fresh taste and delicious smell to your day by day menu. This is an unusual made product which owes its flavor to the culinary abilities and enthusiasm of Knorr gourmet specialists. They know to make excellent tasting soups which everybody needs to love. Thus, because of their enthusiasm, this Vegetable Soup Knorr is a most loved of many gourmets, perceived for its quality and a unique regular taste.

Vegetable Soup Knorr: Take your Menu to the Following Level With Knorr quick soup

Knorr Soup Vegetable is a final touch to keep always a rich menu. It is prepared at the moment, yet it is totally tasty and fulfilling. All you need is some high temp water to make this astonishing Vegetable Soup Knorr. In this way, don’t squander your time making your own soup base when you can just put some Knorr quick soup, into a pot of heated water and get soup that tastes simply great!

After all, just enjoy Knorr Soup Vegetable for a delicious snack, heartwarming meal or as an addition to your favorite recipe for an extra boost of flavor. Enjoy a combination of vegetables and seasonings, free from artificial colors and preservatives.
The product is suitable for cooking and seasoning:

  • Sauces and bouillons
  • Vegetables, potatoes or vegetable salads
  • Fish and meat dishes
  • Pasta and rice dishes (Tip: Instead of salt the cooking water
  • Also suitable as a drinking Bouillon
  • Suitable for vegetarian diet


Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg

Food salt, vegetable fats, flavor enhancers (E621, E627, E631), yeast extract, vegetables, and vegetable extracts 2% (carrots, savoy, leeks, celery), flavorings, spices, dyestuff (E150c), peterli, sugar, maltodextrin, acidifying agents

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