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Vanillin Sugar Patissier 80 g


Patissier Vanillin Sugar is preferred by cake connaisseurs everywhere. It is the perfect addition to your morning coffee, tea, yogurt, or to any your favorite delicacy. With this flavor, you’re going to to make a dessert you’ll never forget!

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Vanillin Sugar Patissier Overview

Vanillin Sugar Patissier is a connaisseurs masterpiece! That’s because this sugar can change the taste of your favorite delicacy completely and make it even more delicious. You just need to add this pleasant, rich flavor to any recipe and you will see that sugar vanilla taste could please even the most discriminating palate.

For decades the Vanillin Sugar Patissier has been accompanied by coffee, tea, and other beverages. And the demand for this amazing Sugar Patissier has been growing since its inception. The delicious taste and the high quality have made this Patissier quite famous in Switzerland and around the globe.

The brand behind the Vanillin sugar

The ” Made in Switzerland” word has decades of goodwill and a proven track record to be the best. And the brand Frey, the maker of Vanillin Sugar Patissier, is also known for its unwavering efforts in making high-quality products. Besides this Patissier, the Swiss brand works on numerous other projects, and all of them are adored by thousands of people across the globe. Therefore, if you order the Vanillin Patissier from an authentic Swiss shop such as Swissmade Direct, you can always expect to have the best experience.


Swiss Sugar for Sweet Vanilla Moments

Vanillin Sugar Patissier is without any artificial component, it only contains sugar and 2 % vanilla aroma. So, thanks to its fine texture, sugar vanilla is ideal to help you celebrate special occasions. To celebrate them with a sweet vanilla moments!

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Sugar, Vanilla Aroma 2%


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