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Swiss Knorr Mushroom Risotto 250 g


Swiss Knorr Mushroom Risotto is a hit in almost every single cuisine around the world. People love this product because it offers an incredibly easy way to make a specialty of risotto. It is recognized and used by the greatest gourmands as an essential addition which adds the perfect blend of flavors to help make truly tasty risotto.



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Swiss Knorr Mushroom Risotto: Create Unbelievably Tasty risotto in just a Few Minutes

Use Knorr Risotto and get ready to make mouthwatering mushroom risotto in a moment which everyone will love. The product contains high- quality Italian rice, mushrooms, Curcuma and onion. All of them together to create a captivating aroma that’ll bring everyone into your kitchen. So, try it the next time you feel like surprising your family. And If you are the lover of meat food, with the Knorr Mushroom Rice you will discover just how easy and enjoyable it can be to become a veggie.

Knorr Risotto: Family favorite Italian rice in Swiss pack

Swiss Knorr Mushroom Risotto is a healthy choice for your family. In other words, Knorr Risotto is a huge natural flavor packed in a little superfood, verified with healthy ingredients. So, it stands out because it is instant food which leaves you with no question whether you’re using food that harms health.
Because of its freshness, quality, and flavor, Swiss Knorr Mushroom Risotto is the food masterpiece, so delicious you don’t want miss to include in your daily menu!

Just add water and see you will get an irresistible creamy and velvety risotto, even tastier does not exist.

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Weight0.350 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

88% Rice (Italy), rice flour, iodized salt, palm oil, yeast extract, 1.7% mushrooms (butter mushrooms, porcini), onions*, garlic powder*, curcuma*, acidulants (ascorbic acid). *Sustainable cultivation. vegetable


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