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Knorr Assorted Pasta Sauce 340 g

Brand: Knorr

Knorr Assorted Pasta Sauce contains five excellent variations that represent the perfect addition to numerous dishes. Each has a special purpose!


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Knorr assorted pasta sauce product overview

Knorr Assorted Pasta Sauce contains five excellent variations representing the perfect addition to numerous dishes. The Knorr Assorted Pasta Sauce is delicious and versatile. It is made by balancing out the freshest ingredients and proven delicious recipes.

The brand behind this amazing Pasta Sauce is well known for its dedication to making delicious and high-quality products. The Swiss brand Knorr has years of experience making customers happy with amazing products. The Knorr Assorted Pasta Sauce is also being loved and adored by thousands of people throughout the globe.

Knorr Fine Herbs

A small teaspoon of Knorr Mise en place is enough to do the trick. You can use these excellent fine herbs (chives, parsley, chervil, basil, lovage, dill, rosemary, oregano) in every season. Knorr mise en place kitchen herbs save you the need to set up, chop, and clean. It will impress everyone with its intense herbal taste.

Knorr Red Pesto

Knorr Mise en Place Red Pesto provides a full tomato flavor. Its unique and natural characteristics ensure a long-lasting taste. Also, only a small quantity is necessary to flavor your dishes. Mise en Place Red Pesto is ideal for any recipe since it adds an authentic touch to every meal. It is probably the unique variation of all Knorr Assorted Pasta Sauces.

Knorr Basil

Knorr Mise en Place Basil is the perfect way to give your sauces that bold meaty flavor of basil. Try using it as a marinade for your grilled or roasted chicken. And you will love the outcome.

Knorr Garlic

People use garlic in all kitchens in every season. Knorr Mise en place garlic will save you the time to set up, chop, and clean. In addition, it has the power to seduce because of its intense garlic taste.

Knorr Herbs de Provance

You can use these classic herbs of Provence (marjoram, thyme, rosemary) in every season. It saves time and fits perfectly into many dishes.

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