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Gourmet Salt With Bio Herbs 110 g

Brand: Sel Des Alpes

Gourmet Salt With Bio Herbs comes in two variations: Bio Thyme and Bio Pepper. Both of these will bring a variety to your plate.


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There are two variations of Gourmet Salt With Bio Herbs: Bio Thyme and Bio Pepper.

Gourmet Salt With Bio Herbs – Bio Thyme

What is Bio Thyme? It’s a Gourmet salt Fleur des Alpes together with fine organic thyme from the Swiss mountains. Bring variety to your plate.

Gourmet salt Fleur des Alpes comes from the heart of the Swiss Alps. This white gold has retained its purity to this day. It’s safe in the heart of the rock for 200 million years. With craftsmanship and the utmost care, this specialty is extracted in the salt mines of Bex using a traditional method. 100% natural and rich in minerals and trace elements, this unique salt reveals all your dishes’ flavors. This salt is richer thanks to organic thyme from the Swiss mountains.

Bio Pepper

Refined and spicy – Fleur des Alpes refined with fine cayenne pepper from the Swiss mountains.

The crystals of Fleur des Alpes resemble a Fleur de Sel. This high-quality salt specialty comes out of the Bex salt mines’ interior, traditionally and naturally. The pure crystals delight every gourmet: an exceptional salt and an authentic local product. Fleur des Alpes does not contain any additives. Fleur des Alpes is available in a simple glass or with an engraved larch wood lid. The range now also includes two unique mixes for gourmets with thyme and cayenne pepper.

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Weight 0.280 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Gourmet Salt With Swiss Bio Cayenne Pepper
Salt (sodium chloride) 93%, cayenne pepper (organically grown)

Gourmet Salt With Bio Thyme
Salt (sodium chloride) 93%, thyme (organically grown)




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