Knorr Swiss Aromat Seasoning trio pack 270g


Knorr Swiss Aromat Seasoning is nature’s finest blend of herbs and flavors, exceptionally intended to fulfill all the demands of the most prominent taste. Along these lines, surely, with this unique Aromat Seasoning, your diet has an opportunity to have unusual and bona fide style. Utilize it like salt and pepper, either while you’re cooking, anyhow, you’ll cause an excellent flavor for plates of mixed greens, vegetables, rice, pasta, or meat.

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Knorr swiss aromat seasoning Overview

Knorr Swiss Aromat Seasoning is straight from the field, herbal product which is sure to change your ordinary dinners. In other words, the Aromat Seasoning is the universally handy blend of herbs and flavors which can perfectly season any of your most loved dishes. With this Knorr Swiss Aromat zest, you can make particularly scrumptious meals. And convey to them steady taste in such an easy way. Simply sprinkle a little measure of Knorr Swiss Seasoning on sandwiches, burgers, servings of mixed greens or rub into the surface of meat just before cooking or barbecuing, and you will draw out more than the better flavors on your supper table.

Knorr Swiss Aromat Seasoning: Taste the distinction in each dish you cook

Knorr Swiss Aromat Seasoning is an awesome product because of farmers. They are energetic in their journey to discover even better approaches for making the most flavorsome Aromat zest. So, they go to extraordinary lengths to support nearby plants and creatures to help fertilize and secure their harvests.

After all, surely, with this uncommon Aromat Seasoning you will take ideal approaches to plan everything from meats to vegetables. Additionally, Knorr Swiss Seasoning is an exclusive product because it’s free from fake hues or additives.

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Iodised salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), milk sugar, wheat starch, yeast extract, spices (onions, garlic, curcuma, celery seeds, cloves, laurel), vegetable oils (palm, sunflower), mushroom extracts. May contain traces of egg and mustard. Vegetarian


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