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Women’s Day: Swiss Gifts That Will Make This Day Memorable

A woman is always full of love for her dearest ones. Therefore, she needs that attention and care to be returned. And, after all, she deserves it! Hence, that’s a big reason why we should fully dedicate ourselves to our better half on this special holiday. There is no need to tell you how important Women’s Day is; you already know it yourself. Instead, we’re going to remind you that you should do something extraordinary and original to make your lady feel special. What better way to celebrate Women’s Day than getting the perfect gift? On this occasion, we have prepared a list of the 10 best Swiss gifts that will make this day memorable! Whether you want to make your mother happy, get something nice for your sister/best friend, or surprise your girlfriend/wife, we’ve got you covered!

So, let’s begin with chocolate! The best gifts are the ones that you would want to receive yourself, and, honestly, who wouldn’t want to get delicious chocolate treat? Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion. In that spirit, consider one of the following three chocolate pralines for your better half!

Cailler L’Atelier Pralines

Cailler L’Atelier Pralines will thrill you with its taste! You’ll experience a genuine moment of chocolatey perfection! The box of this delicious chocolate contains four different flavors – raspberry, caramel, cacao, and hazelnut! On top of that, each piece is unique, made with cocoa beans from West Africa and Ecuador, selected nuts, and fruits.


Bachmann Praline Guardian Angel

Have you ever tried chocolate angles? One thing is sure. You will enjoy this exclusive Bachmann praline sensation. Furthermore, melting praline cream with a crunchy waffle brittle builds the filling rolled in fine, aromatic nuts. Also, it is full of the finest Swiss milk chocolate. An absolute masterpiece!


Confiseur Lindt Pralines

Last but not least, Confiseur Lindt Pralines are perfect gift for Women’s Day. Each piece of Confiseur Lindt Pralines has a unique and extraordinary range of tastes that will rejuvenate your taste buds. Each box is a marvelous combination of premium and delicious Swiss chocolate and carefully selected filling. In addition, the package looks amazing!


Moving on, we have a couple of cosmetics products for your Women’s Day gift! Carefully read what each product has to offer, and you’ll definitely find something she would prefer.

Body Shower Gel

Something for her body! Body Shower Gel helps your skin become supple and relaxed through the subtle combination of Sel des Alpes with essential lavender and orange oils. Lavender and orange oils are known for their calming and relaxing effects. Body Shower Gel offers you proper body care – day after day. It is PH-neutral, moisturizing, and lightly perfumed.


Rausch Swiss Herb Hair Tonic

Something for her hair! Rausch Swiss Herb Hair Tonic is designed to revitalize the scalp and strengthens the hair. Furthermore, it has the ability to refresh and prevents the build-up of dandruff, and alleviates itchiness. Therefore, your hair will be easier to manage and will also look healthier.


Women’s Day Face Rose Peeling

Something for her face! Face Rose Peeling gently cleanses the skin and removes impurities with its unique formula. It keeps your skin elastic and supple. In addition, upon contact with water, the peeling turns into velvety-soft milk and can provide your skin with even better moisture. Moreover, rose essential oil is known for its regenerative effects on the skin. It stimulates blood circulation and slows down skin aging.


Next on, we suggest products for overall well-being!

Beauty Collagen Matrix

Beauty Collagen Matrix offers complete care for your skin, hair, and nails. It contains a berry-vanilla flavor. Also, it is lactose and gluten-free. The box contains 25 sticks. This luxury formula contains the most important building blocks in one single drink to help you take care of your health and beauty. A perfect supplement for this years Women’s Day gift!


AromaStick Inhaler Sticks

Improve your well-being with Aromastick inhaler sticks! Balance, Calm and Relax Aromasticks will make your days better, allowing you to release the stress and feel comfortable, calm, and positive. Balance AromaStick will, as its name says, recover your balance between mind and body and destroy your weaknesses. Calm AromaStick is one of the most effective inhalers which will make you feel comfortable in high-pressure situations. Specific organic oils in Relax AromaStick will revive your mind and body and affect your mood and emotions.


If your lady prefers clothing, then we have just the right product for her!

Women’s Day T-Shirt

Celebrate Women’s Day in style! Edelvetica’s premium quality slim fit Women T-Shirt with V-neck and the short sleeve is a must-have piece of clothing this season! It is available in three color combinations – black with blue details, black with gold details, and black with silver details. Furthermore, this women’s t-shirt represents the beauty and tradition of the Swiss homeland in a modern yet simple way.

Women T Shirt gold 1

And for the end, if you really want to level-up your Women’s Day gift this year, consider a watch!

Jowissa Roma Gold Women’s Day Wristwatch

The stylish ladies’ watches of the Roma series are fashionable and versatile. Also, they are simultaneously modern and classic, the same as the great Italian city. There is a wide range of colors, three different sizes, and over 100 models. Hence, you will for sure find the right watch to suit your lady’s personality and individuality.


We hope this helps! These are our suggestions of Swiss gifts, but you should also take a look at other products in our online selection. Maybe you will find something better that suits your other half! Whatever you decide, one thing is sure. You can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous things! And remember, you can save 15% off on all of these products from our list!
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