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Beauty Collagen Matrix is the product made with clinically validated ingredients to be a superior formula and the ideal choice for the health-conscious person. The Swiss Alp Health formula is regularly tested to ensure the beautiful skin, to work with strong and resistant hair and nails, but against cellulite.

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Beauty Collagen Matrix offers complete care for your skin, hair, and nails. Furthermore, the luxury Swiss Alp Health formula contains the most important building blocks in one single drink to help you take care of your health and beauty. But that’s not all! It also contains essential amino acids and vitamins.

Beauty Collagen Matrix study

For eight weeks, two groups of middle-aged women took part in the placebo-controlled study. One group received bioactive collagen peptides (included in BeautyCollagenMatrix), while the control group received a non-active powder (placebo). Already after 4 weeks, positive effects were observed on the dermal matrix. And finally, after 8 weeks the appearance of the skin and the skin matrix improved significantly – dermal procollagen type I increased by +65%, and elastin by +18%. Not only the skin matrix improved significantly but also the wrinkles around the eyes.

How to use it?

Mix or shake one sachet (daily dose) in 200-300 ml of fresh water. In the initial phase, drink one sachet per day for eight weeks. After that, switch to three sachets per week.

Beauty Collagen Matrix contains berry-vanilla flavor. Also, it is lactose and gluten free. The box contains 25 sticks.
Try this scientifically proven, new product, and you will see all of its potent and science-safe effects! Certainly, it won’t fail your healthy expectations!

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