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The story of the giant Säntis – The Great Legend of how the mountain got its name

Before the gray days, there was a huge giant, Sämtis or Säntis. His bed was the Schwendibach valley, and the Meglisalp, with its velvety alpine grass, was his floral pillow. But where he pricked his elbows when he got up, the Seealpsee dreams today. Giant Säntis carried his food in an enormous sack which he had patched up from the skins of a thousand primitive oxen and ten thousand bears.


As the giant wandered around in the flat country down by the lake once again, he took a liking to the many cute little houses that stood together in light piles on the plains and by the water. In order to be able to play with it in peace at home, he wiped some villages with his hand together with man and mouse into his giant sack. A stocky farmer was surprised while he was mowing but quickly ducked into a ditch. No sooner had the giant fist swept over him than he jumped up, stretched out as far as he could with his long arms, and tore a long slit in the bottom of the sack with his scythe.

The giant, who never paid much attention to the exciting fuss of the fidgety little creatures, swung his sack over his shoulder and stomped contentedly toward the Alpstein. But since the sack bobbed back and forth in a wide arc with every step, the houses falling out of the crack were sown far over the whole country. It was only when he wanted to sit down on his usual bench, the Alpine igloo, and pick out the booty that the giant noticed the loss. In his anger, he quickly emptied the rest at his feet. Then the giant Säntis disappeared and never came back.

Nevertheless, he became a legend of the Canton Appenzell. 🙂

Appenzell of the giant Säntis at Swiss Made Direct

The story of the giant Säntis is beautiful, but that’s not the only reason why we love Appenzell. It’s a historic region, and one of the symbols of Switzerland.

The best way we can present it to you is through our products.

Feel the spirit of Appenzell!

Appenzeller Classic Caramels Tin

In the in-house Goba manufactory, the Appenzeller Classic Caramels Tin awaken. The basis of this cream candy variation is the traditional original recipe that lasts over 100 years.

The creamy little cubes convince with their delicate melt and the crumbly softness. So, it’s a seductive pleasure, a gift for the future. Connoisseurs make them with patience and enjoyment. The intense caramel taste makes it enjoyable in the mouth for a long time.


Appenzeller Biberli With Hazelnut Filling

What is Appenzeller Biberli?

This pastry is originally from the canton of Appenzell – thus the name. But today, people eat it all over Switzerland. Also, this Appenzeller Biberli has a slight but powerful touch of hazelnut filling. Together, they create an exquisite taste.

You won’t regret giving it a try. The giant Säntis also wouldn’t. 🙂


Zweifel Mini Appenzeller Biberli Cookies

Zweifel mini Appenzeller Biberli cookies are unique Swiss biscuits. They are a lovely concoction of special spices and special dough handling. Eat them with your cup of coffee in the morning, share them during meetings or simply snack on them while you’re on the go.

The beautiful packaging is finished with an original motif by Appenzeller artists. Hence, these are not only cookies but a complete Swiss experience.


Zweifel Appenzeller Bärli-Biber

Finally, we have a gingerbread product with sweet hazelnut filling. Zweifel Appenzeller Bärli-Biber offers an incomparable taste! If the giant Säntis was alive today, he would enjoy this one for sure! 🙂

It’s another Swiss classic that represents the Appenzell region in the best possible way.


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