Appenzeller Biberli With Hazelnut Filling 75 g


What is Appenzeller Biberli? This pastry is originally from the canton of Appenzell – thus the name. But today, people eat it all over Switzerland.

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Appenzeller Biberli With Hazelnut Overview

The Appenzeller Biberli With Hazelnut is a true masterpiece and loved by many. It is made with care and love, a true Swiss specialty made by following proven recipes. Therefore, the Biberli With Hazelnut Filling is adored by children and adults alike. It’s a unique swiss food and the deliciousness derived from the superb Hazelnut Filling.

The Appenzeller Biberli With Hazelnut is made by following through a decades-old recipe. It follows a proven and homemade recipe to bring deliciousness. The brand behind this amazing Swiss pastry is known for its dedication to being the maker of high-quality products. The organization follows the highest quality standards. Moreover, the brand also looks through the ingredients that go into the pastry as well. All of these ensure the end-user gets and experience only the best.

Appenzeller biberli is convenient

The Appenzeller Biberli is lightweight and comes in a small package. Therefore, it won’t take a lot of space on your bag. Therefore, you can carry multiple Biberli at your convenience and enjoy them whenever you want. They are great, especially if you are going out for a hike or for outdoor activities.

This pastry is originally from the canton of Appenzell – thus the name. But today, people eat it all over Switzerland. Also, this Appenzeller Biberli also has a slight but powerful touch of hazelnut filling. Together, they create a magnificent taste. You won’t regret giving it a try.

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Wheat flour, sugar, honey, roasted hazelnuts 8%, water, vegetable margarine (palm oil, rapeseed oil, water, emulsifier: E 471), soy, glucose syrup, whole egg (from keeping in stock), wheat protein, invert sugar syrup, humectant: sorbitol and invertase, almonds, raising agents : E 503, E 501, skimmed milk powder, spices, spelled flour, malt flour from barley, acidulant: citric acid, vegetable proteins (peas, potatoes), caramel sugar, lemon peel, milk sugar, sunflower oil, flavors, table salt, maltodextrin, waxy maize starch, preservatives: E 202 and Sodium metabisulfite.

May contain other nuts and sesame seeds


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